Vega(n) meals delivered in Amsterdam

Dabbawalla makes it easier to order delicious and nutritious meals in Amsterdam. For our menu we select delicious vega(n) meals at our favorite restaurants. And the delivery? We do that by bike. Want to know more?

A small selection of our menu

Rijke Marokkaanse stoofschotel met groenten en couscous

Vegan door De Vliegende Schotel

Dutch Weedburger op basis van soya en kombu

Vegan door Beter & Leuk

Warme quinoa met o.a. boerenkool, rode biet, venkel en zoete aardappel

Vegan door Roots

How to order a meal at Dabbawalla

1. Choose your meal

Choose from our vegetarian and vegan menu. You can make a selection from different restaurants in one order without any extra delivery costs. Check out the menu or order away!

2. Meal prepared

Our partner chefs prepare the meal(s) you’ve picked, taking your allergies and intolerances into account.

3. Meal delivered

Choose a time of delivery and one of our dabbawalla’s deliver your meal by bike. Check out our delivery area.

4. Bon Appetit!

Your meal comes with clear instructions for heating it up. Enjoy your meal.

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